Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teacher needs to go green

My middle daughter came home from school with a request from her teacher for each child to bring in a plastic water bottle for a craft.  Looking at the request made me realize that this is an everyday object in most households, but not ours.  I don't even remember the last time that we bought bottled water actually.

I reassured her that mommy would get her one to take to school since she was upset about needing this and us not having them.  Going against my no bottled water rule I went ahead and bought one, drank it, and it's now sitting in her backpack for her to take to school tomorrow.  I felt bad about adding to the problem of plastic bottles, and supporting the bottled water industry, but what else could I do?

I emailed her teacher and explained to her my disappointment in the fact that I had to actually go and buy a plastic water bottle for this craft.  Not to mention that since our school is big on recycling, the student council at the elementary has a huge recycling day each month, that I didn't think it promoted the going green lifestyle that our school supports.  I explained to her that we used reusable water bottles when we were out and that I have drilled it into my kids heads that plastic water bottles were bad for the environment.  I'm still waiting on an email back, I'm hoping that she takes my view into consideration and discontinues this craft in the future.

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